Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Happy 50 to me

What do you buy that is age appropriate when your 50? I've no idea I've gone and brought another dolls house. I did run though a list of what might be considered age appropriate gifts but I think at 50 it's just time to give up the pretense I'm ever going to make a success of acting my age. Due to illness my body may now feel like it's ready for the knackers yard most days but my heart, soul and head have still hardly left adolescence. Playing with my miniatures, dolls and bears keeps me young at heart and I see no reason to change now, besides I have a history of celebrating mile stones with mini houses. My gran got me my large Tudor by Robert Stubbs when I was 18 and most birthdays since then have been graced by something in the miniature line. Traditions should not be given up lightly.

So here is my new abode, a castle. I've wanted a castle for ages. I saw this come up on Ebay and  everything seems stacked against me getting it but sometimes magical things happen. I have so many ideas running though my head at the moment I've no clue what I'll end up doing. The ideas range from historical medieval, fantasy and dragons to modern and museums. As you can see I haven't been able to resist having a little play already with characters from other settings but who this will be Home Sweet Home for is still to be decided. I have the joy of planning ahead but for now I'm just going to sit and dream for a while.

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